Monday, September 28, 2015

Running 9.7km: slow

right hamstring soreness

I ran down to the park at night because I wanted to stay in town where there was light and because I wanted to stay close to home.  One circle around the park, library and welfare center, with a little dip into the pool parking lot, makes 1 km.

I did side stepping and carioca on the way to the park but didn't do line stepping, windmills, planks or hip thrusts.  

I felt OK during the run with no more pain than usual and stretched after the run.

Today, my right hamstring muscle is sore right around the middle of the muscle. I could feel the area around my sit-bone on both sides talking to me.  Telling me not to push it.  I also could feel the funniness that's going on around the inside of my left thigh.   My lower left abdomen area felt fine.

I'm going to keep running close to 10k and see if things get worse or stay the same.  I really should go see a doctor but I'm afraid what he might find.

I'm also thinking that I might have to take a break from running and karate both to recover.  The only problem with that is I just can't make strength training and stretching a habit.  It is difficult to do outside and my wife won't let me sweat in the house.