Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So many new kata

Over the last couple of practices Muto-sensei keeps asking us to do new kata that I still haven't had the time to memorize yet.

Tekki Nidan

I have pretty much memorized Gankaku and I am still working on Hangetsu.  I still practice Tekki shodan and Kankudai the most.  I have practiced Gojushiho-sho (or is it dai?) and I'm really beginning to dislike it.  I'll keep it in memory but I don't want to ever do it for fun or competition.  I'm completely clueless on the others.  I haven't had the chance to work through them yet.  Although I think I have seen Meikyo-nidan enough that it will probably be the next one I work through.  I have instructions for all the others but none for Meikyo-nidan.  I did take a video of N.Y. performing it at full speed.  I need to get a new video of him performing it slow with commentary!  Yeah!  Let's do that.