Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quick Update


Muto-sensei was unable to come to practice last Wednesday so the group canceled practice.  In my opinion, we should get together and practice EVEN IF the instructor can't come.  Saturday, I took N to practice so my wife could rest.  A and H both practiced fairly well. Then I finally had a practice on Wednesday, Oct 28.  There was a 4-year-old? who came with his mother, father and little sister to observe.  He was very eager to join.  His presence there encouraged me to work hard.  I wanted the group to look good. I practiced hard and was very tired by the end of practice and there was a few times when I almost fell over because my legs were so tired.  I'm starting to feel old.  I even got confused during Tekki Shodan.  It is Friday now and I'm still quite sore all over from practice.  My chest never gets sore but all the muscles in my back, especially my upper back get sore.  So do my biceps and shoulders.  My legs, too.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Running 10k


Ran another 10 km this morning.

Pain check
right shoulder
right elbow (a little, mostly no pain)
right mid hamstring (still tight and a bit painful)
right high hamstring (just feels kinda funny with a tiny bit of pain)
left high hamstring (same as right)
left inner thigh and lower left abdomen area - still feels a little funny but not painful.
right ankle - still feeling stiff
lower back - none
upper back - none
neck - none

Ran without making a lot of effort to run slow.  Pushed it a little going up the first hill. Overall ran around a 6 min per km pace. Slower than my usual training pace but faster than slow.

Ran 5 km yesterday during lunch.
Ran two loops around the sports park almost entirely all on grass.

Ran 10 km on Wednesday.


Started doing push-ups again.  Did 3 sets of 20 last Wednesday.  Right shoulder hurts but not too bad.  Right elbow is oK.  Chest sore.

Did another 3 x 20 push-ups again yesterday. Only a little bit of chest soreness.  Right elbow fine. Right shoulder a bit painful today.  Not too bad. Need to gradually start adding more strength work in. Why did I ever stop?  Oh, yeah. Because my elbow hurt.


Didn't go to karate on Saturday as I had other obligations.  My wife took Mary and Ross to practice but didn't stay to watch.  She doesn't want to.    Ross said he had a good time at practice.  He never says that.  I wonder what they did?  Ross has been practicing Jitte at home. Mary was practicing Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan today!   I do believe they are starting to like this!