Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Running 10k


Ran another 10 km this morning.

Pain check
right shoulder
right elbow (a little, mostly no pain)
right mid hamstring (still tight and a bit painful)
right high hamstring (just feels kinda funny with a tiny bit of pain)
left high hamstring (same as right)
left inner thigh and lower left abdomen area - still feels a little funny but not painful.
right ankle - still feeling stiff
lower back - none
upper back - none
neck - none

Ran without making a lot of effort to run slow.  Pushed it a little going up the first hill. Overall ran around a 6 min per km pace. Slower than my usual training pace but faster than slow.

Ran 5 km yesterday during lunch.
Ran two loops around the sports park almost entirely all on grass.

Ran 10 km on Wednesday.


Started doing push-ups again.  Did 3 sets of 20 last Wednesday.  Right shoulder hurts but not too bad.  Right elbow is oK.  Chest sore.

Did another 3 x 20 push-ups again yesterday. Only a little bit of chest soreness.  Right elbow fine. Right shoulder a bit painful today.  Not too bad. Need to gradually start adding more strength work in. Why did I ever stop?  Oh, yeah. Because my elbow hurt.


Didn't go to karate on Saturday as I had other obligations.  My wife took Mary and Ross to practice but didn't stay to watch.  She doesn't want to.    Ross said he had a good time at practice.  He never says that.  I wonder what they did?  Ross has been practicing Jitte at home. Mary was practicing Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan today!   I do believe they are starting to like this!