Monday, December 28, 2015

The year is almost over and I haven't made an update to the log since November 18.

I hurt my hamstring in June while running in the JAL International Marathon and have been nursing it since then.  Recently it has gotten worse and I have finally stopped running and karate and gone to see a doctor.  The doctor just took x-rays which didn't tell him anything about my hamstrings and then told me to schedule a date with the MRI technician.  They just wasted my time, my time off, and my money.  I hate hospitals.  The doctor I was going to before is gone on extended sick leave.  I wonder what's wrong with him?  He was a good doctor.  I'm not so sure about this one.

Before my hamstring got really bad I paid the money for the next testing.  I'm sure I could have deferred it but until when?  So I went ahead and took the test anyway.  It was a disaster, but for some reason I got moved up a level.  Ross and Mary also took tests. Ross moved up two levels to 5-kyu and Mary moved up one from 12 to 11-kyu.  I don't think I'll have her take a test again until next December.  She is just not ready yet.  They are both still more interested in having fun than learning. I need to figure out ways to make learning and improving their skills fun and interesting.

What made me think it was a disaster?  There was three other brown belts who were all a level higher than I and the test was for skills I have never studied yet.  I've been trying to find some information on the interwebs about these skills but am having a hard time.  Maybe I will have to swallow my pride and ASK somebody.


Recently we learned Sochin.  Then on Saturday, the upper level belts worked on Sochin, Jiin and Unsu.  I sat and watched because of my bum leg.  I have never learned Jiin and Unsu so I was very jealous and wanted so bad to work with them.  Instead, I took some video for later review.   Actually, we did go over Jiin once before but it was so short that I never learned it and never spent any time after that working on it.  To many to learn not enough time to polish any of them.

Jiin looks simple enough, and I feel like I've said that before.  Unsu looks like it will be more difficult for me to learn.  There are some moves in there that I have never done so it will take some time to figure them out.

With our karate club, since we only meet twice a week, we have to do much of the work of learning the new kata and moves on our own.  They get introduced at practice and then if we want to be able to do them we have to work on them at home.  I'm sure most people work on them at home anyway, but it would be nice to have more time with an instructor or with other learners.