Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello blogosphere!

I am still on the injured list.  I wasn't able to do rehab very much the last month because I was working 14 hour days.  That is over for now so I should be able to get some more regular exercise done now.  Also, the doctor, who I'm not so sure I trust, has cleared me to start light jogging.  I'm assuming I can jog everyday if the pain isn't too great.  The PT man says I should do my PT everyday.  I went for a 30 minute jog in the gym yesterday and I feel fine today.

Hamstring Curls - I discovered at rehab the day before that my injured hamstring only hurts just right before the leg is fully extended.  With this new information I had the thought that I could do eccentric hamstring curls but stop before the pain point and then curl up again. That is what I did and it made a difference.  I am not sore today after hamstring curls like I have been. I am hoping that this will help strengthen the muscles around the injured spot and indirectly, help strengthen and heal the injured tissue as well.

They never give me a name for any of the exercises they have me do so I have made up my own.  Here is what I am doing now.

  1. Leg Swings  are single-leg, leg swings with the base leg slightly bent for 1 minute then switch legs.  He told me to slowly swing the free leg forward, to the side and then backward.  He said it is not important to swing the leg high or fast.  The point is to strengthen the base leg that has to keep your body stable and upright while swinging the other leg.  If I do it right, the muscles in my hip/butt area get a workout.
  2. Sliders - while, slide one foot back as you do a sort of single-leg squat, then slide the leg back up to the starting position while keeping the base leg bent as in Leg Swings.  I hate this one. I feel clumsy and it doesn't feel like it does anything.  I try to focus on keeping my hips square, keeping my feet pointed straight forward and on moving from the hips.
  3. Single-leg Eccentric Glute Bridges - Or thrusters or hip thrusts or whatever you want to call them.  Focus on the eccentric part of the movement, stop just before hitting bottom, slowly return to the top, don't bounce at the top, slowly push your hip up as high as you can.  Variations include swinging the free leg out to the side and back and doing it with a ball held between the knees.  Works the glutes especially.
  4. Sitting single-leg hamstring stretch with free leg bent up. 
  5. Sitting single-leg stretch to the side.  Turn your chest out to your side, 90 degrees and then bend over to the out stretched leg (keeping on leg folded in) and stretch your side and lats.  This doesn't stretch my leg hardly at all.  Mostly just my lats.
The above is done in a circuit and repeated 3 times.  The last time I just set my watch timer to beep once every minute and let the watch dictate the pace.

After the circuit, which takes about 30 minutes, I also did 
  1. Hamstring curls  10 x 9 kg, 10 x 12 kg, 10 x 15 kg (see note above)
  2. Lat pulldowns   3 x 10 x 45 kg
  3. Donkey kicks. 10 x 40 kg, 2 x 10 x 45 kg

My right shoulder was sore again after the last time I did lat pulldowns plus bodyweight chins so I didn't do the bodyweight chins this time.  Now today, the next day, my LEFT shoulder is a little bit sore.  I focused on the eccentric movement and let the weight up slowly and also tried to squeeze and hold the movement at the point of complete contraction???


The kids are doing well and have been working hard and enjoying practice.  Ross doesn't want to do any tournaments. But we will anyway.  He always gets motivated after the tournaments.  Mary is doing well at kumite so she might be able to get some points at the next tournament. 

Ross was told to do Tekki Shodan last night, a kata he has never done in practice or at home.  I helped him practice a few times and he tried really hard to remember the moves.  He has a fuzzy outline of the moves and I'm sure he'll be able to do it well enough soon to satisfy Muto-sensei.

I was surprised to see Seki and NY practicing Hangetsu the other day.  I thought I was the only one who could do it but Seki did it once last week and once again, better, this week.  I gave him some advice on rhythm.