Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016年 第38回十勝地区空手道選手権大会 兼 第71回 国民体育大会 空手道競技 十勝地区予選大会の開催 に つ い て

The 2016 Tokachi Area Karate-do Tournament and Qualifying Tournament for the All Japan Karate-do Championships

The above tournament is on May 29th, 2016 in Obihiro at the Obihiro Sogo Taiiku-kan.
The information for the tournament (in Japanese) is here.  They sent it to me via snail mail and I scanned it and ran it through some OCR software.  So the file is somewhat searchable.  It is too late to apply for this of course but I am putting the information here for future reference.
日付 2016年5月29日
場所 帯広総合体育館
会館: 8:00 より
開会式: 9:00 より
試合開始: 9:30
閉会式: 16:00 予定


I'm pretty sure that this event tries to repeat on the second to last Sunday of June. Many of the past events have but not all of them and not this year's event. I'm not sure where to watch for updates on this event as I can not find an online presence for the organizers. Our group keeps all of it's information private and only shares it with other members. (WHY?)  I don't think they are trying to hide the information but probably they just don't see any reason to make a public online presence.

I have dumped all the scanned event info I have into a folder and made it public. Click on the following link to open the folder.