Thursday, May 19, 2016

Back at it.

Muto-sensei, Kato-sensei


This was my first time to practice in a long time since I stopped to let my torn hamstring heal.  I was very careful not to put too much stress on it.  I'm sure that made me look funny doing kicks.  As I warmed up, however, I didn't feel any pain at all.  But still, I was careful not to fully extend my leg or to do anything that would put a lot of stress on the hamstring.

With much trepidation, I decided to go back to practice last night.  And it was a good thing I did.  Ross has had a terrible attitude recently at practice.  I never know how he feels or what he is thinking and he won't tell me.  What can I do to improve our relationship?  I don't know but when we were on our way to the practice before last, he said "Daddy, why aren't your practicing?"  I told him it was because I tore my hamstring.  He understands the meaning but really doesn't seem to understand the severity of it.  After hearing that I thought it might make him happy, or perhaps help motivate him, if he saw me working hard too.   I think what would really motivate him is if his mother came and encouraged him.  THAT is what he needs.

WHY was going to practice last night a good thing?

One of our members entered High School in the spring and his new English teacher is also a Karate-ka.  He came to practice.  I was surprised to see another adult there putting a karate gi on.  He was a black belt of course and his belt was faded grey on the edges.  He went through all of the practice with us.  I wish I could have been able to watch him more to learn from him but I was doing my own practice and couldn't.  He did kumite with us and helped the brown belts work on Tekki-Shodan.    I do hope he comes again. None of the members ever actually touch me except for one.  All the others avoid hitting me.  This guy hit me with his bare knuckles and it made a loud crack when when they hit my face mask but I didn't feel a shock.  He had great control, he was fast, he was personable, and he was teaching the kids a lot.

Mary had a friend come and watch last night and she said she will come to watch again for the next practice.  Mary is progressing so slowly, I'm sure if her friend joins that her friend will quickly surpass her. She just can't concentrate.  Neither can Ross.  I guess that is just who they are.  But maybe, just maybe, if they had the right instructor, they would be motivated to improve.

Advice Tekki Shodan

Keep your upper body tight and upright.  Don't lean forward.  After the first step keep your body/head/hips at the same level. Don't let your body move up and down as you step and do the moves. Take a big step into kiba-dachi (horse stance).  Turn your torso but keep your legs in kiba-dachi.  Step down hard.  Make it heard.