Monday, September 19, 2016

Jion notes from Gasshuku

We had two days of gasshuku over the weekend.  Muto-sensei had us do a lot of Kihon.  He brought a makiwara and left it so we could use it.  Physically it was very challenging and we didn't do any strength or conditioning work.  Just doing so much kihon was a lot of work.  It is Tuesday and I am still a little sore from it.

Kato-sensei, who comes sometimes but is not really one of our regular sensei, came and helped me and another boy work on Jion.  He have us lots of advice. I typed up all the points that I could remember last night on my tablet.  I will paste them below.  The numbers do not correspond to a 挙動 (kyodo), the numbers you would see in those kata illustrations floating around.  They are only points for me to remember.

Kata Join advice

1) Start with power.
2) bring hands to chest, crossed, then out as if you are going to pull somebody's hands off of your collar, very forcefully. Focusing on pushing our fists out/down/into the opponents (non existing) arms. (I actually tried to do this with Kato-sensei holding my collar and it was almost impossible)
3) From front stance, keep hands stationary in the air as you front kick hard and land in front stance with power. Make yourself and your punch solid, so you can't be pushed back by your opponent.
4) Two punches in quick succession
5) Rinse and repeat to the other side
6) Age uke, gyaku Suki x 3, Kia after the last one
7) From front stance, with your right leg as the axis, bring your back foot up to the front foot as you pivot for manji uke(?), then perform kagi zuki (hook punch?), shuffle to the side a half-step, don't hop.
8) Repeat to the other side
9) Downward block, front stance
10) Palm blocks x 3. Feet travel on a line, don't swing around in an arc. * According to Kato-sensei, this is a block, not a strike. *
11) Manji uke to upper morote uke (two-handed assisted block) then repeat to the other side
12) Bring fists to belt, bring knee up high, foot flexed to keep foot parallel with floor, step out cross block to low level, rip hands back as if trying to free them from someone's grip, step forward and perform the mid-level block, then on to the upper level block, do the next succession of hand moves while keeping your body facing forward, you don't move into hanmi for any of it, do back fist strike, Soto-uke(?), keep fist under elbow to use for hikite as you swivel for inside block then oizuki, then inside block to oizuki to the other side
13) Perform downward block,
13) keeping body straight up and down as if there were a rod down your spine, moving feet along one board or line, chest and body facing straight forward , fist up high, fists in line straight up and down with knee, turn into kibadachi as you come down forcefully.
14) closest distance to grab opponent's hand

Japan National Karate Team : "Jion" training @ WKF World Championship 2012