Monday, September 5, 2016

Shintokan Cup Tournament in Makubetsu

I took Mary and Ross to the Shintokan Cup Tournament in Makubetsu on Sunday.  It was the first time for us to go to a Shintokan tournament.  It was different from the other Shotokan tournaments we went to so I'd like to write it down here for future reference.


1st thru 2nd grade just do 3 bon kumite.

Gedan barai > right jodan tsuki (upper level punch)
Change sides, Gedan barai > left chudan tsuki (mid level punch)
Change sides, Gedan barai (Kamai can be the two hands down balance kamai or the kumite kamai with fists up > right mae geri (front kick).

3rd grade and up, free kumite (free sparring)

Rounds: 1 x 1:30
First person to get 3 points wins.
Ippon wins (three point hit)
No fouls or warnings.
Don't have to wear shin/instep guards.

I saw some kids crying and limping during this tournament.  SO, since you can't get any warnings, you should try and hit your opponent as hard as you can.  If she cries and decides she can't go on, you in. This also means you should be prepared to get hit hard.

Many kids I know from the next village over practice this style of Shotokan.

Kata was just like any other tournament.  Plus they had team Kata and family kata.  Maybe next year the kids and I can do a family kata together.