Monday, October 17, 2016

No instructor and Tekki Shodan

We lost our instructor.  He was 80 years old and not feeling so well and so he retired.  And we are so far unable to find a new one.  We found one, but he was 70 years old and already teaching 4 days a week and didn't think he had the stamina to teach 6 days a week.  I don't yet fully understand WHY we can't find another instructor, but it was explained to me like this: "you can't choose your parents."  Although there are other Shotokan instructors in the area, they are not from the same "family" that our group is in.  Whatever.  I think if we find an instructor who matches our groups' needs and goals, then it shouldn't matter if that instructor came from the same line of instructors as our last one.

SO, in the mean time, our highest ranked member, a 3 Dan (though admittedly, he probably shouldn't yet be a 3 Dan) is running practices.  He is knowledgeable enough and has a sense of humor and the last two practices with him looked more enjoyable for the kids.

Kata - Tekki Shodan

For the last two practices we have only practiced Heian Kata.  All of them.  I think we could break from the norm and practice just one or two of them, for example. But thoroughly.  

Kata Advice:
At the end of practice we all do a kata to practice for tournaments.  There is no practice, we just do it, and our new leader gave us advice.  For the last two practices I did Tekki Shodan and he gave me some advice so here it is.
  1. My hand movements were not defined enough.  In an effort to make them as fast as possible the movements were running together.  He said it would be better to make sure each movement is done more distinctly.  
  2. I lean.  I need to make sure my torso is straight up and down.  I don't realize I am leaning so I need to practice in front of a mirror or take video of my practices.