Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Practice notes



We had an easy practice thanks to the makiwara.  While everyone took turns hitting the makiwara, the rest of us got a break.

He introduced the makiwara to help the kids learn the proper way to punch, with the first two knuckles. Kato-sensei said that the kids need practice actually hitting something, like a makiwara.  Actually, we could just hit each other!  We do have protective gear on!

Kata - Unsu
The brown/black belts were told to work on Kanku-sho, Bassai-sho, Unsu and Jion.  We did the first three but the first two only briefly.

I still haven't memorized any of them.  But I have almost memorized the first two.  There is never enough time!

I think that there is some confusion on Unsu, though.  There is a section where you do two (three?) low level punches?  I think they are punches.  But some people think they are downward blocks.

Yes, I am pretty sure it is supposed to be gedan tsuki, and not gedan barai.

Also the low level kick is with the heel out, not the ball of the foot. See illustration below.

Also, after the jump, your feet should not lay down like in Kanku-dai because it is supposed to be a kick to the back (ushiro-geri).