Saturday, March 4, 2017

Practice Notes

Instructor Crown

  • Warm-up, stretching, physical conditioning 
  • Kihon 
  • Kumite 
  • Kata

Muto-sensei has officially retired and we have yet to find a replacement.  The elder mothers of the club say that we cannot find a replacement outside of the house of karate that we have been training in.  Mind you, this does not mean from a different style.  They won't look for any instructor unless they came from the club of or were taught by the most senior instructor in our .... lineage?  

So, we have a high school student, the oldest minor in our club, teaching us.  Once or twice a month, an instructor comes from the big city of Chitose. Muto-sensei drove two hours to get to us from Kushiro.  Takanohashi-sensei drives  2 and half hours to get to us.   But because he has a job and teaches in Chitose already, he can only come on Saturdays.  I like him.  The kids like him.  However, I made a promise to my wife that practice on Saturdays would not interfere with family outings etc.  So whenever she plans something for the kids, which is often, they don't go to practice. Which means they are lucky to go once a week. 

Takanohashi-sensei (鷹觜正三先生) introduced a lot of new training methods.  Before we never did physical conditioning or stretching.  Now we start with it.  I am happy for that because we need to do it.  We need to practice more than once a week and NOT on weekends.  

Kihon has changed a lot as to how we do it but the moves are basically the same.  We don't do nearly as many punches as we used to.  We are doing more combinations.  

I am starting to ramble.

I have been too busy to update this and our practicing has been sporadic.  Mary, after over three years of practice STILL forgets Heian Shodan and still does not do any move well.  She can do them well, she just doesn't.  And the strange thing is that, she can do them really well at home when it is just her and I, but she seems distracted and unwilling when we are at practice.  She can do Heian Shodan really well at home and we have been trying to practice regularly.  I was hoping to get her to practice every night but that will never happen without the support of her mother.  But still, she is practicing with me more often and she is getting better.  Now if only she can carry that over into practice with the club.

Kumite - Instead of the San-bon Kumite, we are now doing the standard Go-hon kumite, which is 5 moves instead of three.  

Kata - advice.  Make each move complete and distinct and don't meld two moves into one.  Each move should be done as quickly and powerfully as possible, but each move should be distinct from the others.